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Bishop Lake (Kahchin Trail)

The past week Michigan was in the clutches of a deep freeze with temperatures during the day in the negative numbers and dipping to -40° F with windchill at night. Since Mellow and I aren't built for these low temperatures, we were trapped inside for days. School was canceled for the entire week due to… Continue reading Bishop Lake (Kahchin Trail)


Finding Mellow: a soulmate story

Mellow's official adoption photo. I can't explain what got into me in the spring of 2017. I found myself browsing Petfinder dog profiles. We already had a great dog named Levi, a chocolate Lab, who was ten. Something compelled me to actively pursue the possibility of adding another canine member to our family. During my… Continue reading Finding Mellow: a soulmate story

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Kayaking with Mellow: lessons learned from our first season

When I bought my first kayak seven years ago, I dreamed of taking my dog with me. It was a dream that never became a reality due to the size and nature of my dog. At the time, we had an eighty pound chocolate Lab named Levi. Besides not fitting in my sit-inside kayak, Levi… Continue reading Kayaking with Mellow: lessons learned from our first season